Virginia Dunkin' Donuts owner calls police on black

Dunkin Donuts Free Wifi and How To Log in to it Dunkin Donuts is known to offer the fastest wifi connection when compared to its' competitors. There is no doubt that they offer incredible donuts, attracting many worldwide. The availability of a free wifi connection, however, gives their customers an incentive to stay longer, which inturn adds to more items bought boosting the sales. WiFi is faster at Dunkin Donuts than Starbucks, report Jun 11, 2019

Yes, offering free wifi helps draw in people to stay longer and potentially buy more food and beverages. Also every dunkin donuts needs internet now to properly operate and it usually cost next to nothing to have a decent router that would come standard with wifi capabilities anyway.

Nov 16, 2018

Oct 20, 2017

Disgustingly dry. I had a beacon egg white and cheese on a bagel. The bagel was tough as a rock. Hardly any cheese. The staff was dumb. I found out after I ordered I could have got a large coffee for 50 cent I feel the staff should of told me that and not have been so worried about a dress they were discussing. Is a Dunkin Donuts Franchise a Smart Investment?