when you get all nosey on someone. 4real nosey..like checkin up on em n stuff

May 28, 2020 Pry - definition of pry by The Free Dictionary Define pry. pry synonyms, pry pronunciation, pry translation, English dictionary definition of pry. intr.v. pried , pry·ing , pries To look or inquire closely, curiously, or impertinently: was always prying into the affairs of others. tr.v. pried , pry·ing Prying - Idioms by The Free Dictionary

Some think that prying news reports are a necessary evil in a democracy.: Other times, the professional eavesdropper subconsciously shields himself with wire fences, translucent plastic sheeting, and window drapery to deflect prying questions.: It is the opposite of grinding out small profits away from prying eyes.: These are things that most Pueblos traditionally keep secret, despite the

Dictionary entry overview: What does prying mean? • PRYING (noun) The noun PRYING has 1 sense: 1. offensive inquisitiveness Familiarity information: PRYING used as a noun is very rare. • PRYING (adjective) The adjective PRYING has 1 sense: 1. offensively curious or inquisitive Familiarity information: PRYING used as an adjective is very rare. prying (adj.). 1. offensively curious or inquisitive "curious about the neighbor's doings" "he flipped through my letters in his nosy way" "prying eyes" "the snoopy neighbor watched us all day" Jul 20, 2020 · 1. verb If someone pries, they try to find out about someone else's private affairs, or look at their personal possessions. We do not want people prying into our affairs.

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