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The Honorable Grandson Of The Third Hokage is currently on top of Hokage Rock sir! More specifically, he's sitting on top of the Third Hokage's mural." Naruto nodded, he would be a bit more weirded out that Dragon answered right away, but he had already learned the ANBU weren't regular shinobi. Hokage (Naruto) vs Yonko+ (OP) - Battles - Comic Vine The Hokage HashiramaTobiramaMinatoTsunadeDanzoKakashi ( One Sharingan )Naruto VersusThe Yonko Black BeardShanksKaidoBig MomWhitebeard( BB has Naruto the Godaime Hokage Chapter 7: The Secret's Out, a

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The Hokage We Need Chapter 7: Konoha Recovery Arc II

Hokage's heir Chapter 7, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction Hokage and his advisors picked up proposed training grounds and watched them with interest, choosing the one that would be the best in their opinion. They wanted a challenge for candidates, one that wouldn't kill them, but would be hard to beat. "What about Training Field … 7 hokage - Summoner Stats - League of Legends