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[SOLVED]Can connect with DD-WRT but will not route Hi, I followed the instructions found on your site to set up my DD-WRT router, and I was able to get the router to connect via OpenVPN (status screen on DD-WRT showed it was connected and I had a 10.x.x.x IP address that I can ping to). But the problem is the router doesnt seem to route out any t Easy SSH tunnels - DD-WRT Wiki Set the Host Name (or IP Address) to either your home router's dynamic DNS domain name or its public Internet address. (in the picture below it's a private LAN address Set the Port to the Remote Port port that you set in Step 9 of the Server Configuration. Set the Connection type to SSH. Go to the Connection -> Data section.

If you want to perform a reset, there are risks involved if not done properly. If you want to do this, follow the instructions on the DD-WRT Wiki. Connect to the router Web interface by typing the router’s IP address in the browser URL. The default is 1. Select the Setup -> Basic Setup Tab. WAN Connection Type: Disabled

How to Install DD WRT on Your Router: 15 Steps (with Pictures) Getting Started: Log into your router’s admin page. By default, your router’s IP address will be …