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Jun 28, 2019 · Many Linux users these days use a dns cache and so the dns server in resolve.conf is a loopback address to the dns cache on your own PC/Linux.. systemd’s resolved is also often used but this updates resolve.conf for informational reference. Jan 05, 2020 · Install DNS Server. The package name for the DNS server on Ubuntu is bind9 and is available in the base repository. Use the apt command to install the bind9 package. sudo apt install -y bind9 bind9utils bind9-doc dnsutils Configure DNS Server. The /etc/bind/ directory is the main configuration directory of the DNS server, and it holds Jan 30, 2020 · yum -y install bind bind-utils Configure DNS (BIND) By default, BIND listens on the localhost. So, we will configure the DNS server to listen on the system IP address to let clients can reach to DNS server for resolving domain names. vi /etc/named.conf. Listen on all IP address: Configure BIND to listen on all IP addresses.

The "/etc/resolv.conf" file tells a Linux machine which DNS server to use when attempting to resolve machine names. # Generated by NetworkManager search localdomain nameserver Multiple entries are allowed if you have multiple DNS servers.

We have configured master DNS server with ip address of and hostname server.example.com on linux server. Now we will configure slave DNS server on linux clients. To configure slave DNS server go on client1 system. First test connectivity from dns server by ping commands and check necessary rpm. Testing the DNS server with dig & nslookup. To test out our BIND 9 DNS server, we will use another Ubuntu machine & will change its DNS to point out our DNS server. To change the DNS server, open ‘/etc/resol.conf‘ & make the following DNS entry, [email protected]:~$ sudo vi /etc/resolv.conf search linuxtechi.local nameserver

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